Roman Prikaza na dar. Objavljeno platonsko izdanje Besposličara . Na čitalačkom raspolaganju su vam zbirka priča Rastrojstva i Besposličari, štampano izdanje

понедељак, 09. јул 2018.

Doktor Strendžlav van filmske fikcije

Sećate se Kjubrikovog Strendžlava, onog što je pobedio strah i zavoleo bombu?
A kakva je nuklearna priča van filmske fikcije?
Evo svedočanstva iz prve ruke:
"The first SIOP in December 1960 planned an overwhelming knockout blow. Moscow alone was targeted with at least eighty nuclear weapons, and every Russian city with a population greater than 25,000 would be hit by at least one. China would get the same, for no particular reason. Ellsberg was surprised to discover that the planners had not been afraid to add up the probable number of dead. Over the first six months following the initial strike they estimated that about half the population of Russia and China would die of radiation effects alone—a total of about 380 million people. Three things about this plan convinced Ellsberg to do what he could to stop it: its magnitude, its all-or-nothing character, and the fact that General LeMay had reserved to himself the power to decide when to order the attack."
The Nuclear Worrier Thomas Powers

Prikaz knjige:
The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner
by Daniel Ellsberg